The web-site is a free information data base for the paddling community. It is put together by a few enthusiastic paddlers from BC to share their knowledge on our local runs. British Columbia is a phantastic place to be if you enjoy whitewater paddling. Our province offers top-notch places for about every facette of the sport. The coast offers excellent ocean surfing and the channels of the Inside Passage offer some of the best tidal rapids in the world. The mountains on the mainland and on Vancouver Island offer excellend whitewater from hair rising steep creeks to mellow cruises in spectacular settings.

It is not a secret that we love this place and this website is here to share this.

This online guide cannot replace a good guidebook. The online guide is a record of what rivers people paddled and where to get started when planing a run. Some runs are only for expert paddlers: Very remote, deep, consticted canyons with serious gradient and wood can make it hard to escape. Use common sense and only go if you know what you are doing. Be prepared.

The Cool Features:

The River guide has all kinds of cool features to help you find runs that you like. First, there is a Search engine always visible on the right. Try it out. Search for a name of a River and it should give you the runs that are available on that river.

The next thing is the good old list. Click on River Guide at the top of the page and you’ll get a list with all rivers that we have on the page. The same list can also be accessed through the navigation sidebar on the right. OK, pretty standard.

Now the next feature is cool. The River Map shows all Runs as little clickable icons on a Google Map. I know, it’s awesome. You can zoom, look at the Sattelite picture, or Map View or both. You can click on an “R” icon and it will give you the name of the run which you can click to get to the description.

Within the river description you find a basic list with characteristics of the run. There also is a link to get you Google directions to the Put-In. Just print it out and you are all set to find your way to the put-in. Sometimes Google Maps is not that detailed. For that case we also provide a link to MapQuest.

Each river has a “River Daddy” or “River Mom”. That is the person who keeps that river up to date. If you have any new info that you think should be added to the description, you should give Daddy or Mom an e-mail.

There is a little map that shows icons with Put-In and Take-Out coordinates, too. And if there is more than one run on a river, the little sister- and brother-runs will be listed at the very bottom of the page.

We also have a star rating system.
5 stars: Absolutely classic, a must do.
4 stars: Very good run. Clean, runs often, easy to access, knowledge might be limited.
3 stars: Average but worth doing a few times.
2 Stars: Not really worthwhile. Do it once to see yourself.
1 star: Only go if you like hiking or if your perception of fun is somewhat different. Those are the runs we explored one and see no need in going back.

Enjoy! BC-WW Team