Finally got to posting the stage correlations between water level and CMS flows for the Ash River in Port Alberni.  What a jem!  Also let out the reservoir spill level secret I’ve been guarding so jealously for two years now! You can find it all in the Upper Ash write up.

Got to paddle the Ash twice in the past while and it continues to thrill me.  That lake ramp is just a hoot to run, and the higher flows we had this past weekend put this run easily into the 5 star range of quality. The only down side in a bit of flat water for 2 km after the lake start, and the longer shuttle needed for this run.

With our snow pack, this river will be running into July for sure.

Well, it’s time to spice up the Cameron!

We all know it is an amazing run with a superb full body work out. now it’s time to see just how fast it can be paddled. I have now had the chance twice this spring to bomb it. Once with Steve Jonhson, and then with 4 guys this weekend (Dave, Goeff, Tim, Dustin). Steve and I had a great run under 30 min, but it was not confirmed. With the 5 of us though and having to stop for a broken boat drain session twice, and a blown skirt once, we managed to get ‘er done at 37 minutes. It took a total of 49 minutes to the top of the hike out for all 5 of us.

The bar has been set.

You have until June 30th to post your best time!

I have asked the grand Puba of BC-WW about taking this site over. In a conversation with the great single bladed hero Jan, it was mentioned that passion in whitewater was needed to continue to grow this site. I plan on using some of my wayward energy to continue to develop where it was left off. This site has a great format to share knowledge about the Island and it’s rivers. It will continue in it’s old philosophy of providing free open beta on rivers from travels by whitewater chasers with an emphasis on the Island,but also from first hand experiences in other parts of the paddling world. Stay tuned for some new stuff on multi-day trips.


Here is an article about the government meeting that took place the day after the Forum:
Times Colonist

I got this from Stuart Smith today:



Public forum comes on Tuesday, the eve of UBCM vote on Bill 30
(VICTORIA) Citizens for Public Power will be holding a public forum October
24, 2006 - 7:00pm at the Marriot Hotel in Victoria on the threats to public
ownership of BC’s natural resources, namely hydropower. (more…)

As part of the new category on accumulating micro hydro related information: This is a link to the article that Lisa Richardson wrote back in August 2004. It has some intersting points and gives the Mamquam River as an example for a high impact system. (The Mamquam River in Squamish has 2 small hydro projects—25 and 50 MWH, which is pretty big—and 7 other, smaller projects in its watershed).

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