Exploratory Tales

6 times so far this year, and this run just does not get old!  It has so many cool moves, technical lines, and great scenery. Nothing like having it an hour from work also!  The crews running it this year with me have been great fun and super keen as well, adding to the experience. It has been running steady at 4.8-5.3 range with the snow melt and reasonably warm, yet not hot temps. Oh the joy of it all.

After paddling the Upper Upper, Monkey Canyon at 55cms, the middle Gold at 1165cms, and (more…)

I got a call from Shayne on July 22nd asking if I could paddle on the 23rd, living at the Strathcona Lodge it is hard to get back to people because the e-mail doesn’t always work and the phones are the same. But things worked out and I got ahold of him. (more…)

Max Fisher is having a good time up in Strathcona these days and got out on a bunch of new runs on the Conuma and Heber Rivers. He updated the Vancouver Island section of rivers:

Conuma River
Heber River

Cheers, Jan

Dave and I ended up paddling Meades Creek. Pretty fun day with good flow. The thing with that creek is that it has soooo much wood. Too bad. Other than that it’s a good easier creek run. Here is the info:
Meades Creek
Thanks to Erik Boomer for the info on the run!

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