I got a call from Shayne on July 22nd asking if I could paddle on the 23rd, living at the Strathcona Lodge it is hard to get back to people because the e-mail doesn’t always work and the phones are the same. But things worked out and I got ahold of him. (more…)

Max Fisher is having a good time up in Strathcona these days and got out on a bunch of new runs on the Conuma and Heber Rivers. He updated the Vancouver Island section of rivers:

Conuma River
Heber River

Cheers, Jan

Check out the Ashlu Fest this year:

The Squamish Whitewater Paddlers would like to invite the paddling clubs in British Columbia, and their members, to the 3rd Annual Ashlu River Festival. The festival runs August 24 - 27

I got this from Max Fisher today:

I paddled the upper browns last weekend and there is wood about half way down across the whole river, you can find your way down river right by pulling yourself over the rocks. Anyway thought we should let people know about that because I’m sure it is a popular spring melt run.

Thanks Max!

Jakub and Jan are happy to announce that the HARRIS CREEK RACE IS ON. This Saturday, March 04, the race will
be starting at 10 am. The last rain brought the creeks and rivers up enough for us to have the race. (more…)