I got this from Murrough O’Brien today:

There is a pristine creek valley minutes past Sooke that is slated for helicopter logging by Timberwest and many people feel it is too fine an area to be lost. To date 2 of us in the Muir Creek Protection Society have measured 12 old growth giants that may qualify for entry in the Big Tree Registry of B.C., the area is very park like, there is lots of bear usage and there are thought to be 5 types of salmon in the creek. This Muir Creek topic has been on the CBC several times and higher up, people are starting to talk, but only strong public support will save this area. If you have a moment, please send a letter to the listed recipients. E-mails do count, (though with the provincial gov. not quite as much as a slow letter), they can be short and to the point and the ‘bullet’ form is easy to read if you have lots to say. Please see the attachments for more information. Here are

2 addresses:

CRD Parks: crdparksATcrd.bc.ca Jeff Ward, Ass. Gen. Mgr., Victoria, Vic.,
490 Atkins Ave V9B 2Z8
BC Parks: ian.athertonATgov.bc.ca Ian Atherton, Sup., Land Acquisitions,
Min. of Environment,
P.O. Box 9398, Stn. Prov Govt.
Victoria, V8W 9M9

Saturday, Feb. 4 and 11th are the next scheduled hikes to this area. Please
call Kate if you would like to go


Alanda Carver president: muircreekAThotmail.com 642 - 0948
Kate Woods kwoodsATpacificcoast.net 642 - 0393
Murrough O’Brien murroughATpacificcoast.net 479 - 9127