Well shit, things went south fast, half way down the Upana falls.

We put on after a run on the Ucona, which was medium low. The Upana, though was high, and full of holes. It was a hole hopping fast action run. Dodging, miniboofing everywhere. At least most lines you could see boat scouting! I had one roll in the upper section, at a sticky technical drop that is the crux of the top part. I was feeling off then. Next, we get to the class 6, walk it, and put in just about the lip of the 20+ footer falls. Steve and I rock paper scissored and I lost.

He went off center, and I went off right. On the way down, I hit a rock on the right. It turned my boat, and I landed in front of the curtain in what felt like almost sideways. I then started the trashing of the century. I stayed in the boat about 30 seconds, getting ended and flipped at least twice in both directions. I got a big gulp of air at one point and the decided it was time to pull out. I got out and then instantly got flipped, felt my face, arms and chest get huge pressure from the curtain, I can toward the surface again, and then got hit from the back with the full force of the water from the falls. this time I felt myself go deeeep. I was fine with air, and let the life jacket do the work. I came up against the left wall, some 15-20 feet from the boat. It ws then easy work to the ledge at the end of the pool. The wait for the boat to free itself began. We waited about 5 minutes while the boat chundered on at the seam of the curtain and the boil, standing vertically and doing all sorts of neat moves. It finally cleared itself toward the left and I could grab it from shore to empty it.

Lesson learned, go center off Upana falls, and boof 1/3 of the way down. Still gotta drink a beer outta my bootie though! :)