I have asked the grand Puba of BC-WW about taking this site over. In a conversation with the great single bladed hero Jan, it was mentioned that passion in whitewater was needed to continue to grow this site. I plan on using some of my wayward energy to continue to develop where it was left off. This site has a great format to share knowledge about the Island and it’s rivers. It will continue in it’s old philosophy of providing free open beta on rivers from travels by whitewater chasers with an emphasis on the Island,but also from first hand experiences in other parts of the paddling world. Stay tuned for some new stuff on multi-day trips.

After paddling the Upper Upper, Monkey Canyon at 55cms, the middle Gold at 1165cms, and (more…)

I got a call from Shayne on July 22nd asking if I could paddle on the 23rd, living at the Strathcona Lodge it is hard to get back to people because the e-mail doesn’t always work and the phones are the same. But things worked out and I got ahold of him. (more…)

Max Fisher is having a good time up in Strathcona these days and got out on a bunch of new runs on the Conuma and Heber Rivers. He updated the Vancouver Island section of rivers:

Conuma River
Heber River

Cheers, Jan

We paddled the Gordon (Upper/Lower) on Saturday in low water. Upper. The insidious log at the first drop on triple drop, is gone (hooray). Terminator has changed; there is now a right line on the hole (left of the sneak) and a tongue that protrudes past the meat of the hole. Middle. Minefield is looking less mine-y (less rocks protruding everywhere) and there is a new hole at the bottom. The entrance to the second canyon (I don’t remember the name of the rapid) is now a whole other story. There is a killer sieve on river right and a bigger hole in the main channel. Scout this for sure. Double drop has a right, middle and left (usual) line. At low water, left was still advisable and the wood is gone.

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