I got a call from Shayne on July 22nd asking if I could paddle on the 23rd, living at the Strathcona Lodge it is hard to get back to people because the e-mail doesn’t always work and the phones are the same. But things worked out and I got ahold of him. When Shayne and Carrie arrived we meet up in the office by the huge map of central vanocuver island, if you have never been to the lodge this map has most of the rivers that haven’t been explored in the central Van Isle. We talked about great potential trips and joked about others. In the end we only had monday to paddle something so we decied to paddle the Ucona with a small chance of checking out Pamela Creek. We decided to meet at 8am at the Ucona Bridge. Matt, another lodgie, and I packed our boats, and where on our way. We got to the Ucona bridge a few minutes after 8, Shayne had been up for 2 hours checking out all the potentail possiblities in the area while Carrie was sleeping in the back set of there new Japanese imported van. We looked at the Ucona it was pretty high compared to when we ran it last season, so we though we would check out Pamela Creek which is a 5 minute drive from the Ucona bridge. We got there and things looked good so why not. We drove up the logging road that paralells Pamela and put in above the bridge. Mainly class 3 with one portage which takes up all the gradient. it took us 30minutes to get back to the bridge, we had a quick chat with Carrie explaining where the take out for the run was and we keep going. After some fun class 3-4 boulder gardens we came to a nice 8ft ledge, that we scouted on the right and run it. After some more fun water we can to a canyon stretch. Shayne scouted on the right and matt and I on the left. We found an ultra classic section including a class 4 boulder garden entrance which a 4 foot pour over to a 25plus foot falls stacked on top of another 12 footer with a sticky hole at the bottom. Shayne opted out because he injuried his back a few days ago, but Matt and I decided to go for it. We gave Shayne 5 minutes to get into position and then we were off. I went first and after I dropped the 25+ falls I eddy out just above the other falls to watch Matt come over after above 30sec- minute he didn’t, so I decided to drop the other falls and see if Shayne could see him. He couldn’t. Shayne blew his whistle and Matt blow his back Shayne went up to see what was up and I got out of my boat. Matt had lost his paddle just before the pureover. He ended up getting flipped and then pinned on a rock, he decided to leave his paddle and push off the rock and hand roled up and eddy out just above the falls. I got out of my boat, ran my paddle up to him and he finished the rapid with style. After the drop Matt hiked out to the lodging road and we caught up with him later. After some more fun water we can to another canyon with some fun and hard looking drops, because of Shayne’s injury we becided to portage and come back when he’s 100%. We finished the run which ends just above the Canyon on the Ucona so we finish up with some fantastic high water boating on the Ucona. Overall things turned out pretty good we found another classic river, Matt made it to the logging road and we had time to paddle the Upper Gold with Carrie.