After paddling the Upper Upper, Monkey Canyon at 55cms, the middle Gold at 1165cms, and the FD of Quatahka Creek we decided to cruise over to do some Powell River creeking, what a stellar place. Mac Shafers, who spent the winter and spring there this year got the few local boaters together and did some exploring. They got up for a run on the Lower Elderid River class 3, Lower Lois River class 4, Lang Creek class 3+, and the Powell classic Freda Creek a continuous class 3-4+ run depending on flows. During Mac and I’s trip we paddled the Freda at the highest flow it has ever be done, with the powell local Kyle. Then ran the lower Lois, dam controlled, but starts with a beautiful 25 footer. After we paddled the Freda we went for a scout of the unrun Upper Lois, 15ft slide waterfall into a mandatory canyon sieved and undercut on the right for 200ft to a short pool to a manky 10ft slide falls continuing down some fun class 3 to the bridge that comes over the highway. We got it done, but not without alittle working in the process Mac got unlucky and missed this line by the sievie section and got flipped and pushed upside down luckly straight through a undercut with a good chance of a pin. When we got back together we regrouped and walked the 10ft slide falls and finished the run. All in all everything worked out and no one got really hurt. If you ever get to Powell make sure you hit the Freda and if you’re up for a Hard Committing River check out Upper Lois River. If you’re in the Gold River Area this weekend keep your eyes open for the Powell Boys Andy, Jason and Kyle. Cheers, Max