Class: 4 (5+ in canyon below Bamfield road?)
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This run has exploratpry status.
so this has been run once, at very low water. I think that the Cameron was at about a 2. We ran a small side creek (Museum Creek) to get on to the actual river, but at a good flow I don’t think this would be a good option! there were several ugly sieves in there that with flow would not be walk able! once we got on to the Franklin proper it looked good! (maybe a 100-150m down stream from were museum and the franklin meet, it looks like there would be a good put in that would be like 10 minute walk) for the most part. the top half looks like it would be fun grade 4 bed rock boating, with at least one grad 5 water fall that comes out of a cave. very cool drop., might get nasty at higher water. I think that for most people the best take out would be at the main logging road bridge. as just below that the river gets very nasty. we walked the one box canyon at very low flows and it looks like it would be down right scary at a good flow. we walked on the left and I don’t know if that would be there with more water, and river right didn’t really look like there would be a walk.

we think that the river would be good when the Cameron is good. I would like to get on this run again with more water.

to get there go to port Alberny and fallow the logging road toward port Renfrew (I think) you will cross a big bridge, that would be the best bet for a take out (Bridge with Bamfield road), or you can go down stream to the sawmill, and take out there. the put in there is a steep logging road, just before you cross the bridge go up there, you will have to find a put in, the back country road map shows that the road and river get very close at one point we think that this is the best bet. should only be about a 100m or so down to the river.

Note for take-out:
we took out right at the saqmill there, but the better take out would most likly be at the bamfeild main bridge… casue the canyon water fall stuf below that might be a little nuts with flow.. it would also be very very hard to walk and or escape from

If you run this at a good flow let me know.